As we are platform agnostic vendors we are able to scope and supply a range of hardware and software that meet your budget and business needs.  As we are partnered with a range of vendors we can assure that you will get valuable support and the best prices possible.

The hardware we can scope and provide will range from desktop pcs and VoIP telephone systems through to mobile devices, servers and storage.  Once your requirements are scoped and products purchased we are able to provide installation, integration and support services on a pay as you go or ongoing basis.  

We are also able to scope, procure, implement, and support various system services such as Microsoft Exchange, Virtualisation (VMWare, Citrix), ERP and Planning systems and much more.

Disaster recovery should always be a mindset when planning a system upgrade or refresh, and all of our options will include advice on disaster recovery processes as well as hardware and software recommendations.

For hardware and software sales contact our sales team on